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Car & Moto Sales
Absolute Prestige Cars is a family owned and operated business that uses a variety of luxury wholesalers that are not available to the public. Its through these rare connections we are able to provide our clients with the very best deals in the car industry. If you are looking for a specific vehicle please don't hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for you today! We offer a variety of financing options to suit every client and can assist in the transaction of your old car. Each car comes with a manufactures warranty which can be extended. At Prestige Cars we help every customer get their dream car at a better than the competition, Call Us Today!  


Absolute Prestige Cars has a variety of lenders available and can assist you in attaining a loan for your car. The turn around time for approval of your loan is around 72 hours and the loans repayments can be broken down into weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.


-6 hours fast approval -Rates as low as 4% West Funding we are passionate about helping people get on the road. Whether you need help financing your first car, second car or a whole fleet of cars for your business.


Buy Back
We have a buy back program at Absolute Prestige Cars which works as follows: If you buy a car from our showroom, we may purchase your old car back at an agreed price. Please be aware that our price point will be provided after the car has been looked over in detail by one of our technicians. We pay on the spot and are considered to be the best in terms of pricing within Brisbane car market.If you are curious to see what your car is worth please don't hesitate to email us or come in to the office. Our quotes generally take 1 hour to complete.


Every plate has a story to tell, from plates that represent your car, to plates that express who you are. Absolute Prestige Cars we do deal with buying and selling personalised car plates. At this present stage we have many premium plates available for sale. If you are interested please contact for more information. We do get new stock in on a monthly basis as well! Personalised number plates are an easy and affordable way to customise your car or motorbike. Whether you want to enhance the look of your vehicle, or express a part of your personality, Absolute Prestige can locate a plate to suit your car. If you have plate your looking to sell for quick cash call us directly on 0414 741 432 and see what we can do for you today.


When your buy a car at Absolute Prestige Cars it will come with a warranty supplied by the manufacturer. Typically this will cover you for certain date of manufacture against defects that may cause your car to malfunction. The manufacturer will then replace or repair the vehicle at no cost to you. All cars that are purchased through our platform are checked by our technicians and we are proud to provide every customer with the 'Absolute Guarantee'. Which allows clients to add on extra time periods with your warranty for a small fee. This warranty covers the car and accessories fitted on behalf of the manufacturer at the time of sale should they fail or wear out before time, but there are exemptions such as the car stereo, seat upholstery and paintwork

National Warranty Company

National Warranty Company (NWC) specialises in the administration of extended warranties and roadside assistance. NWC’s foundations in the warranty market extend back to 1999. It has developed an excellent reputation for providing only the highest quality products and services to consumers.


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